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Colton Dixon on 'American Idol' ouster: 'I was shocked'

April 24, 2012 at 9:47 AM ET

When Colton Dixon walked off the "American Idol" stage last week, his elimination came as a surprise to the judges, his fellow contestants, and as it turns out, to Colton himself.

The singer stopped by TODAY Tuesday morning to explain how he felt about the ouster and what he plans to do with his post-"Idol" days.

"I was shocked that I went home because I had never been on the bottom," Colton recalled. "But that's the way it happens sometimes. You've got to roll with it."

Looking back, he feels he deserved his spot in the back of the pack given last week's overall efforts from the competition. And as the singer recently revealed, he believes his own biggest problem was his "Bad Romance" performance.

"Not musically or what I wore or anything like that, but I think the message behind the song isn't something that I related to, which in turn was something that America couldn't relate to either," Colton said. "I think that hurt me."

Now it's all about the future for the ex-"Idol," and he hopes to avoid any similar "Bad" song choices by writing his own songs and letting his faith guide him.

"This year is critical," he explained. "It's always the most critical year for an 'Idol' contestant because everyone's curious what you do. I'm going to write until my fingers bleed and see what comes out on the record. It's definitely going to be faith-based, inspirational music."

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