Clicky bits: TV stars talk Tiger Woods, underwear and butt-kicking girls

Aug. 2, 2011 at 8:49 PM ET

I'd like a glass of orange juice, some hash browns and TV stars to chat with for breakfast, please.

On Tuesday morning at the Television Critics Association's summer press tour, USA brought in several stars of their new shows "Necessary Roughness" and "Suits" to gab. Here's what some of them had to say:

Bob Mahoney / USA Network /
Marc Blucas in "Necessary Roughness."

Marc Blucas, who plays an athletic trainer on "Necessary Roughness," on the subject of athletes who run into troubles: "I think that the minute Tiger Woods will finally say, 'Hey, I’m single, I’m a dude, I’m gonna date every chick on the planet,' he’ll be the No. 1 golfer again. He’s a dominator. He’s a killer. It’s just who the guy is. For him to try to change his demeanor or do it a certain way, that’s changing who he is as an athlete, he’s going against the DNA, he’s going against the code."

Mehcad Brooks, who plays bad-boy football star Terrence King on "Necessary Roughness," talked about being recognizable: "A lot of people just think I’m a model from Calvin Klein." But high profile gigs (including being splashed on a billboard in his briefs) are a good thing. "I don’t think it’s a curse as much as it is a blessing," Brooks said. He also joked that he gets "a life time" (of free underwear).

Gina Torres, who plays managing partner Jessica Pearson on the legal drama "Suits," dished on her sci-fi following: "Your fantasy/sci-fi fans are very loyal. They’re incredibly loyals. But they won’t just watch you on sci-fi. ... They get a little unnerved if I’m playing somebody who is less than on it, who’s not as strong as maybe they’re used to seeing. I think I disappoint them a little bit. “But, but, but Zoe (Torres' character on "Firefly") would kick their butt!” Well I’m not playing Zoe! I think they’d be happy with Jessica, though."

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