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Clicky bits: Fallon returns to 'SNL'

Aug. 22, 2011 at 12:39 PM ET

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Jimmy Fallon will return to "SNL."

• "Saturday Night Live" fans, get ready for some retro fun. Former "SNL" regular Jimmy Fallon will return as guest host during the show's upcoming season. "I've never forgotten where I came from," the "Late Night" host said in a press release. "That's why I'm so incredibly honored to be hosting the 'Saturday Night Times' program Dec. 17th on HGTV." Hey, at least he had the date right. Later, in an equally sincere tweet, Fallon explained, "I'm incredibly honored to be heading back to 8H where it all started. And by 'it' I mean Will Ferrell's awesome movie career."

• Look out E! network: It looks like there's a former "Girl Next Door" who'd like her own time slot. Crystal Harris, the 20-something who infamously fled her June wedding to 80-something Playboy founder Hugh Hefner just a few days before it was to take place, is hoping for her own reality show. According to, there's "actual interest" in such a program and she "has meetings set up with a few different networks." The show would "focus on her struggle to find a career after burning the richest bridge she will ever have." Harris appeared as "Co-Ed of the Week" on in 2008, and from 2009-10 appeared on several episodes of "The Girls Next Door." So, it's not like she doesn't have any television experience.

• Despite recent rumors to the contrary, Jerry Lewis really won't be part of the Labor Day Muscular Dystrophy Association telethon. Two weeks ago, reports surfaced that Lewis had been unceremoniously removed from the show, which he had hosted since 1966. Then over the weekend, the Las Vegas Review-Journal's gossip columnist Norm Clarke wrote that Lewis had been "reinstated" as host. But Lewis' spokesperson told Reuters, "Him being reinstated as the host of the MDA telethon is not accurate." Apparently, there was an issue with word choice: Clarke tweeted later that his source "clarified that ... he meant 'reconciled'" not reinstated. Oops!

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