Cher loses temper on Twitter over leak of Lady Gaga duet

Aug. 15, 2013 at 7:26 PM ET

Rob Kim / Getty Images
Cher was furious that her duet with Lady Gaga was leaked.

Don't go leaking songs by Cher before she intends them to be released, people. When the singer discovered that her duet with Lady Gaga, "The Greatest Thing," was leaked online prematurely this week, she turned to Twitter in anger.

"Just heard ('The Greatest Thing')!" she wrote. "(Expletive!) It's not even the right (expletive) version!! Why do (people) think this kinda leaking (expletive) is OK! I'm so (expletive) disappointed!"

The duet wasn't the only song leaked this week. An upcoming single from Lady Gaga, "Applause," was also released prematurely. The singer then moved to rush the song out formally to radio stations and iTunes.

Image: Lady Gaga Sighting In Los Angeles - August 12, 2013
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The pop sensation has sold millions of albums and her eccentric style ranges from pantless getups to blinding face masks.

After a couple more angry tweets, Cher posted, "GaGa's single is great, and that's all that matters."

And Lady Gaga joined in the mutual admiration society, tweeting, among other thoughts, "Thank you for holding my meatpurse" to Cher. She also wrote, "I love you @cher! Thank you for the support, you're the greatest thing!"