For celebs (and even pizza companies) 'The Sound of Music' is a live-tweet event

Image: "Sound of Music" Getty Images, AP

Now we know how celebrities spent their Thursday night: Watching NBC's "The Sound of Music Live!" and telling the whole world about it on Twitter. And they weren't alone — DiGiorno Pizza served up slices of hilarity by live-tweeting the event with over a dozen posts.

Mia Farrow was also tweeting frequently as the show progressed, with bon mots like:

There were some celebrity observations:

And a lot of praise for stars Carrie Underwood (who played Maria) and Audra McDonald (Mother Abbess):

Some of the stars themselves also jumped onto Twitter afterward:

But in the end, pizza purveyor DiGiorno won the evening with "Sound of Music"-themed tweets sent throughout the show; here are a few faves:

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