Two and a Half Men

CBS has 'high level of concern' about 'Two and a Half Men' star Sheen

Jan. 14, 2011 at 1:07 PM ET

Rick Wilking / REUTERS /
Charlie Sheen's troubles are worrying CBS, but the network stands behind him.

Reuters writes: CBS entertainment chief Nina Tassler said on Friday the TV network has "high concern" over the personal life of its "Two and a Half Men" star Charlie Sheen, and she called his situation "very complicated."

But Tassler stopped short of saying the network might take any action because Sheen shows up for work, does his job well and his show is a hit.

"We have a high level of concern. How could we not?" Tassler told television journalists, responding to questions about persistent reports of drinking and partying by Sheen.

"On a basic human level, there is concern that this man is a father, he has children, he has a family. But you can't look at it simplistically. Charlie is a professional, he comes to work, he does his job extremely well. It is very complicated," Tassler said.

"He does his job, he does it well, the show is a hit, and that's all I have to say," Tassler added.

"Two and a Half Men" is the top-rated comedy on U.S. television with an average weekly audience of some 15 million viewers, and Sheen is the industry's highest-paid star with a reported salary of $1.8 million an episode.

But the actor has barely been out of news headlines this year after a conviction last year for attacking his wife, followed reports of an incident in New York in which he smashed up a hotel suite while partying with a porn star.

This weekend, celebrity website reported that Sheen was in Las Vegas and again partying hard.

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