Carson Daly fans join him for breakfast in Orange Room

Carson Daly brought a whole new meaning to the mantra "what's mine is yours" Thursday morning. 

During the start of the TODAY show, Carson announced that he'd love to have breakfast in the Orange Room with any fan who tweeted him and could make it to Rockefeller Plaza in 10 minutes. Camden Catholic High School seniors Federica Negri, Devon Castaneda and Audrey Morgan heeded the call, tweeting Carson from the plaza within moments. 



Federica is a foreign exchange student from Italy living with Devon's family. The pair were among Thursday morning's TODAY plaza crowd along with their friend Audrey. "We came to promote 'Go for the Goal,' which is a foundation for pediatric cancer," Devon explained. The trio heard Carson's invitation, and all three tweeted within seconds. 

Moments later they were welcomed into the Orange Room. Their initial thoughts on the space and its host?

"It was very orange," Audrey said. "I was very nervous. Carson was very welcoming, and the bagels were very good."

The three friends said they were already big fans of Carson on "The Voice" and were excited that he'd joined TODAY.

"The more the merrier," Audrey said. "The world needs more Carson Daly."

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