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Can this snack 'Satisfry' KLG and Hoda? A taste test

Peter Kramer / Today
Kathie Lee and Hoda try the fries.

Let's face it — all fries are "satisfries" in our book: We can't get enough of the salty, carb-heavy snack.

But now, Burger King is trying to make it official, with a low calorie version of our favorite French fries dubbed "Satisfries."

The new fries contain 20 percent fewer calories and 30 percent fewer grams of fat than regular Burger King fries, which means they clock in at around 270 calories per order. 

"So it all adds up," notes Kathie Lee.

But do they offer a passable lower calorie, lower fat version of the original? Or are they like munching on fake cardboard fast food cut outs — something we unequivocally can't recommend?

Let's take it to Kathie Lee and Hoda. 

"I can't say I love 'em better, but if I had a hankering for a French fry and was trying to lose a little weight..." said KLG, trailing off as she shoved another fry in her mouth. 

"Fries are just a vehicle for ketchup, for me," noted Hoda, a woman after our own heart. "These are delicious." 

Later on in the show, Kathie Lee, still in taste-test mode pulled out the world's longest French fry out of the "Satisfry" cup and had her way with it.

"It is good," she said with a wink.