#ByeByeBye: *NSYNC angers fans with Obamacare tweet

Oct. 1, 2013 at 4:10 PM ET

*NSYNC is whipping its fans into a frenzy — but not with another rumored reunion. On Monday, the '90s boy band tweeted about President Obama's Affordable Care Act and included a link to more information. Rather than just inform fans, the tweet inflamed many.

The pop stars were among the famous folks who the president met with this summer to talk about spreading the message about the law that will help millions of Americans get insurance coverage. Enrollment opened on Tuesday.

Jennifer Hudson also lent her star power to the cause in a Funny or Die video spoofing ABC drama "Scandal." The former "American Idol" contestant played a fixer like Kerry Washington's Olivia Pope, but the "scandals" she ran into were all health-care related.

Unlike *NSYNC's fans, the singer's followers seemed amused by her project. 

Several other celebrities have tweeted to support and promote the president's health care law: