Dancing With the Stars

Bristol Palin's 'Dancing' success doesn't surprise Jennifer Grey

Nov. 22, 2010 at 10:47 AM ET

Bristol Palin’s continued “Dancing With the Stars” run may baffle some, including former semifinalist Brandy and her pro partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy, but frontrunner Jennifer Grey isn’t shocked by the “teen activist’s” success.

“(The viewers can) vote for who they enjoy watching dance, or who they enjoy seeing change, or who they enjoy seeing evolve,” Grey told Entertainment Tonight. “It’s not about who’s the best dancer. That’s why it involves, not (just) judges, it involves the public. It makes them part of (it). They get to determine who they get to see dance again each week."

For whatever reason, the voting public has continued to pick Palin over far better hoofers. Maybe that’s why Grey, who received perfect scores for both of her ballroom efforts last week, now seems content to just have a good time during her final "Dancing" days.

“I’m thinking about how much fun can we have, how much can we be free and celebrate and really enjoy the last few moments,” the actress explained earlier in the interview. “Because then we haven’t wasted a moment. That’s what I’m into. I’m into really savoring the last few days and making it as enjoyable as possible because it isn’t ever going to come again in my lifetime.”

Grey, Palin and fellow contestant Kyle Massey face off for the “Dancing” finals Monday night.

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