Blink and you miss the bride -- shortest celeb marriages

Oct. 31, 2011 at 12:50 PM ET

Kim Kardashian's life as Mrs. Kris Humphries lasted all of 72 days, but that's an eternity compared to some celebrity marriages. Here's an appropriately quick take on some of our favorites:

Jennifer Lopez and Cris Judd: 8 months

No harm, no foul here. According to attorney's representing Lopez and Judd, who was one of Lopez's dancers, the two worked everything out financially and "will remain friends."

Lisa Marie Presley and Nicolas Cage: 3 months

Amid claims that Presley tossed her engagement ring overboard while fighting with Cage on his yacht, the couple secretly wed in August 2002. Later, Presley said, "I'm sad about this, but we shouldn't have been married in the first place. It was a big mistake."

Dennis Rodman and Carmen Electra: 9 days

I do, I don't, I do, I don't. That's pretty much how the marriages (yes, two) of this pair went. The couple married in November 1998, in Vegas, and nine days later filed for divorce. The reconciled, and divorced again, another six months later.

Britney Spears and Jason Alexander: 55 hours

The childhood friends took to the Little White Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas to tie the knot; Spears untied it via annulment days later.

Robin Givens and Syetozar Mrinkovic: 7 minutes

Givens, maybe best know as Mike Tyson's ex-wife, married Mrinkovic, her tennis instructor, for a whole seven minutes. On the books, it's listed as a day, but later Mrinkovic told reporters the union lasted only minutes. 

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