Blake Shelton

6 reasons we're crushing on Blake Shelton right now

March 28, 2013 at 10:09 AM ET

Blake Shelton crush
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Blake Shelton has been everywhere this week, and we're totally okay with it. The Voice returned to NBC on Monday, his new album, Based on a True Story..., hit store shelves on Tuesday, and he's just been generally charming and adorable every day. He was even cute when it came to shooting down rumors that he and wife Miranda Lambert are having marriage problems, which is no small feat for a celebrity.

Because he's been so darn crush-worthy recently, we've put together a list of the reasons we're sweet on the country singer. (You know, other than the obvious—like the fact that he's seriously sexy!)

1. He's willing to talk about making babies.
Shelton and Lambert have been married since 2011, and reporters love to ask when they're going to have kids. This week, the scruffy crooner admitted the thought has crossed his mind. "Gosh dang it, we're married. I mean, sooner or later we're going to run into each other in the hallway and something's gonna be created, I'm sure," he told E! News. "We don't have any plans on it. If it happens one day then it happens. We aren't trying to make it happen or avoid it."

2. He's a charmer on The Voice.
Shelton may have ended night two of The Voice without gaining any new singers to Team Blake, but at least he has the viewers on board. He and Adam Levine have their hilarious banter down to a science, and he has hit it off pretty well with new mentors Usher and Shakira, as well. At this point, we're watching the NBC's reality TV singing competition as much for their quips as we are for the music.

3. He's funny—and active—on Twitter.
Not only does Shelton frequently respond to fans on Twitter, but he's also hilarious. Take for instance @abueDbatman, who tweeted at Shelton, "Oh my goodness, this album causes orgasms in my ears! FREAKING AMAZING!!!!!" Shelton simply replied, "Use protection!!!" Well said.

4. His new album is absolutely genuine.
When it comes to his music, Shelton doesn't mess around. He's made it very clear that his new record is about as personal as they come. "Every song on the album, I've either been through those situations, or I'm going through them right now," he told Billboard.

5. He's secure in his manhood.
Blake has made it clear that he loves the ladies, but there's a certain guy who has caught his eye. "Usher—I've got admit, I find him somewhat attractive," he joked to E! News. Us too!

6. He is still a romantic at heart.
When asked about his married life, Shelton gave a swoon-worthy response about his leading lady. "I love it," he told Zap2It on Monday. "Everybody says things are going to change when you get married. Miranda and I have been together for a long time now. There's no getting away from it, and we are meant to be together, and we embrace that and I love it. It is what is meant to be." Adorable!

A version of this story originally appeared on iVillage.