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Blake Shelton accuses Adam Levine of sabotage on 'The Voice'

It seems "The Voice" coach Adam Levine will do anything to foil his rival — even tamper with Blake Shelton's chair. 

"You did this to me!" -- Blake #TheVoice

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Actually, a technical malfunction caused the country star's chair to swivel in the wrong direction on Monday's final blind auditions, but Adam was happy to take the blame. 

The men, along with CeeLo Green, all turned their chairs for Grey's inspired performance of "Catch My Breath." But when the performance ended and the dissenting Christina Aguilera turned to face the stage, Blake's chair went in the opposite direction.

"You did this! You did this to me!" the three-time winning coach yelled at Adam, who twirled his fingers with a wicked grin. 

Whatever he did, it worked — the single-named wedding singer chose Adam as her coach. 

"She just ruined her life," Blake cracked in response.

Dance fever
Sparring was a big part of Monday's show, though the star of the night was someone whose choice was already spoiled by the previews.

That was Michael Lynch, one of the rare contestants who truly benefited from the show's setup.

The self-described Irish guy from Chicago sang the Latin-inspired "Bailamos," using the opportunity to bust out his Spanish — and fool the judges. Christina, CeeLo and Blake all turned around and did a double-take.

"I just knew you were gonna be Latin," CeeLo said erroneously.

"You're so taken with Spanish, for an Irish white boy," Christina added.

And Adam mentioned a former panelist who would have been a natural pick for a guy like Lynch. "Poor Shakira," he said of the season four coach. "Shakira's at home right now going 'No!' "

Lynch picked Christina, earning the right to sing a brief duet with his new coach — a performance touted in the episode's promo. Spoiler alert?

'It was weird'
Matt Cermanski became the latest singer to inspire rejected "Voice" contestants everywhere — but the coaches didn't express the usual "what were we thinking back then?" excuses.

Cermanski auditioned with "Teenage Dream" a year ago and nobody turned. This time around, he got everyone but Christina vying for his services by going with "Have a Little Faith in Me."

Faith they had, but Adam wasn't second-guessing himself when he recalled Cermanski's Katy Perry cover the last time around.

"That's why we didn't pick you. 'Cause it was weird," Adam said. "You want honesty, that's what you're gonna get."

Apparently, Cermanski can handle that kind of feedback — he's going with Team Adam.

Casual CeeLo
CeeLo has one thing mastered: the "what the heck — why not?" chair turn. He used that to full effect on Monday, perhaps knowing it was his last chance to do so this season.

Tamara Chauniece got Christina to turn around right away. CeeLo hesitated, then later followed suit. She picked CeeLo anyway. Cool always trumps speed.

Later in the show, country singer Brandon Chase got what he wanted when Blake pushed his button. But CeeLo, bored, shrugged his shoulders and joined the fray as well. This one took a fashionable turn, with Blake noting that they were both wearing plaid and CeeLo proudly displaying his Michael Jackson "Thriller" jacket.

"You should choose your coach based on who you would rather be dressed like right now," Adam said.

With that as his no-brainer guidance, Chase picked Blake.