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A Blake, Hoda and Blake lovefest: Man meets dog

The meeting of the Blakes.

While top leaders from around the globe gathered at the United Nations just across town, an equally important meeting of the minds was taking place at 30 Rock. Blake Shelton, award-winning country crooner and coach on NBC’s The Voice, finally came snout-to-snout with Hoda’s precious Cockapoo pup, who shares the singer’s name.

Hoda, sporting a winter white dress and a beet red face on Wednesday, has had her dog since March, who she openly named after her celebrity crush.

Blake [the dog] seemed pretty pumped to meet his namesake, but his owner was slightly more exuberant.

“I’M SO HAPPY RIGHT NOW,” Hoda said, amid a flurry of schoolgirl-ish giggles. Playing it cool was not an option.

Hoda did some serious blushing on Wednesday with her celeb crush, Blake Shelton.

Shelton seemed right at home, sipping KLG’s wine, sharing a stool with Hoda, and snuggling with her furry friend. Blake and Blake became fast friends, and Blake [the human] said of their live television meeting, “for me this is like one of those reunion thangs.” (THANGS, not things.) “I love him. I’ve seen so many pictures of him that I feel like I know him,” he added, and any solid part of Hoda’s heart immediately melted.

The love fest dragged on, and KLG finally stepped in to bring her flustered co-host and their guest back to reality. “You have a ton of dogs at home with your WIFE, don’t you?”

Shelton and his wife, fellow country superstar Miranda Lambert, are indeed accustomed to K-9 company, and are puppy parents to “five or six,” according to the talented singer and fuzzy mathematician.

The chemistry between the Blakes was undeniable, and even a visibly uncomfortable KLG admitted the pup looks like he “needs a man in his life.” We’ll strike the comment about sexual tension from the record.