Billy Crystal

Billy Crystal gets biggest laugh for dig at Oscar theater name

Feb. 26, 2012 at 8:57 PM ET

Matt Sayles / AP /
Host Billy Crystal arrives at the Oscars.

Billy Crystal gave all the best-picture nominees a turn in the spotlight in his opening monologue at the Academy Awards, but the biggest laugh came when he got in a dig at the name of the venue where the awards were being held.

"We're here at the beautiful Chapter 11 Theater," he cracked to much laughter.

The home of the Oscars has been known as the Kodak Theatre for years, but the Los Angeles venue has been renamed the Hollywood & Highland Center due to the photography company's bankruptcy troubles.

After the first commercial break, Crystal cracked that the show was coming from the "Your Name Here Theater."

The show led off with a montage inserting host Crystal into various nominated movies. He discussed the show with the scouts from "Moneyball," ate the tainted pie from "The Help" and greeted Justin Bieber instead of famous authors in a spoof of "Midnight in Paris."

He then sang a short musical tribute to each nominee. He sang "Hanks for the Memories" for "Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close," "A Horse Is a Horse" for "War Horse" and "What's It All About, Malick?" for the often-thought confusing "Tree of Life," directed by Terrence Malick."

He also got in a dig at himself, dubbing himself "War Horse" due to this being his ninth time hosting. And aimed a gentle barb at the audience, saying, "Nothing can take the sting out of the world's economic situation like watching millionaires present themselves with golden statues."

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