Betty White goes 'Gangnam Style' with PSY on 'Off Their Rockers'

Betty White is no dancer -- she'll admit that readily: "Let's say I move well," she told TODAY's Matt Lauer Monday. "I love to move."

Well, she's showing off some fresh moves in the second season of her NBC show "Betty White's Off Their Rockers," which is set to air Tuesday, and she visited the show to talk about what viewers can expect. Like, say, PSY -- who joins in on a segment where he displays his "Gangnam Style."

It's possibly for the last time, since the singer has said he's retiring the hit. When told this, White remained magnanimous. "Now, what more can I serve humanity with?" she said.

But as she prepares for her "second-annual 90th birthday party," White still knows about how to keep it moving, dancing and otherwise. "Comedy is like music," she said. "It's a rhythm, and it's hard to teach it to somebody who doesn't have it."

Betty White

Image: Betty White "Betty & Friends: My Life At The Zoo"
Alberto E. Rodriguez

From her early days in Hollywood to roles on "Mary Tyler Moore" and "The Golden Girls" to her resurgence of fame at 90, the actress is beloved by many.

Clearly, White has always had "it": As Lauer noted, off-camera when he asked if she had a favorite joke, she asked him back, "Does it have to be clean?"

She also returned later in the show with a clip from "Rockers" featuring Kim Kardashian, in which White discovered that the two of them are "distant cousins" and, since "you Kardashians share everything," White hinted she's hoping for a connection with Kim's boyfriend, Kanye West. Kim, needless to say, didn't take that well.

"There is a difference between love and sex, isn't there?" Kathie Lee Gifford then wondered to White.

"There is. I can't remember what it is, but ..." White riffed back. 

And as for that "second-annual" celebration, Gifford and Hoda Kotb got the party started early (White won't turn 91 until Jan. 17) with three cakes covered in what appeared to be 91 candles.

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"Betty White's Off Their Rockers" airs Tuesday at 8 p.m.

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