Best quotes from the stars on the SAG Awards red carpet

Jan. 27, 2013 at 8:16 PM ET

Hollywood's finest have arrived at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles for the 2013 Screen Actor's Guild Awards, but before taking a seat and honoring some of their big-named colleagues, celebs stopped to talk to E! Live From the Red Carpet's Giuliana Rancic and Ross Matthews.

Image: 19th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards - Red Carpet
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Take a look at Hollywood’s biggest stars showing off their designer gowns and tuxes on the red carpet.

What'd they have to say? Well, a variety of things -- to say the least.

"Yeah, here's a hint: It's gonna be brutal and apocalyptic. That's a little hint. Yeah, it's going out big, it's not gonna be pretty but it's going out big."-- Anna Gunn on upcoming season of "Breaking Bad."

"Nothing, I'm already three sheets to the wind with my toast, half a glass down already."-- Peter Facinelli on getting tipsy after his red carpet toast.

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"I hate my hands, by the way, they're like a little fluffy because I'm pregnant." -- Busy Philips while showing off her manicure in the ManiCam.

"I'm colorblind so I have no idea, but if it works then I'm thrilled." -- Eddie Redmayne on Giuliana noting that his suit matches his eyes.

"Only if you could say that us working together in the studio one day was making it rain, and I think we did. Creatively speaking, it was pouring." -- Jim Parsons on whether or not he made it rain in the club while hanging out with Rihanna recently.

"I believe so. She looked amazing and I look beautiful, too." -- Ty Burrell on wearing the same designer as Michelle Obama at the Inauguration.

"If I told you, I'd have to kill you and I don't wanna do that." -- Darren Criss on where the "Glee" after party is located.

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"No, I don't, which is why I'll be heading to Mexico very shortly." -- Elizabeth Moss on whether or not security is following her for wearing a pair of $1 million earrings.

"Who cares? That girl can sing circles around anybody." -- "Glee's" Naya Rivera on Beyonce's lip-syncing controversy.

"I love my grandma, but we have to make sure everyone is celebrated." -- Jessica Chastain on bringing her mother has her date.

"The way you said that...I felt a little sexy." -- Bradley Cooper on whether or not he feels sexy.

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"Well, you know, Meryl Streep doesn't suck." -- Helen Hunt on her inspiration.

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