Best live entertainer? It's no surprise who's still the Boss

Aug. 1, 2013 at 6:20 PM ET

IMAGE: Bruce Springsteen
Jamie Squire / Getty Images
Bruce Springsteen's live shows are legendary.

It's a known fact: Some live musicians rock the house more than others. On Wednesday, Rolling Stone magazine published its list of the 50 Best Live Bands, a list compiled with help from a panel of writers, industry figures and artists.

Who topped the list? Meet the new Boss, same as the old Boss. Bruce Springsteen, legendary for three-to-four-hour concerts and memorable audience interaction, was voted No. 1. And the 63-year-old rocker is just getting better, the magazine wrote.

"Springsteen has always brought nearly superhuman levels of energy to his shows, but his current Wrecking Ball tour stands as one of his greatest and most thrilling," the magazine said.

In second place is "Purple Rain" rocker Prince, currently touring small venues with his all-female band. Ticket prices are high, but fans say it's worth every penny. "He's never sounded better, his band 3rd Eye Girl is fire-hot and he's plundering his back catalog with a vengeance," Rolling Stone wrote. "Prince can make the building collapse with any song if he feels like it."

The Rolling Stones, who returned to touring this year after a five-year-break, come in at No. 3. "The recent tour included a superfan dream come to life," Rolling Stone wrote. "Mick Taylor joining the Stones on the blues epic 'Midnight Rambler,' conjuring '72-era magic all over again."

Arcade Fire and Neil Young fill out the top five, with Jay Z, Radiohead, Jack White, Rage Against the Machine and My Morning Jacket completing the top 10.

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