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Bateman and Fallon reenact 'Teen Wolf Too' scene

Aug. 4, 2011 at 11:57 AM ET

Remember 1987’s “Teen Wolf Too,” starring Jason Bateman? You know, the follow-up to the much more successful “Teen Wolf,” starring Michael J. Fox? Well, while some movie buffs might recall the box office flop, star Jason Bateman wishes he could forget it.

Despite the fact that the actor considers the flick a low point in his career and even admits his personal nightmare would be starring in a “Teen Wolf 3-D,” Bateman joined “Late Night” host Jimmy Fallon for an all-for-fun remake of one memorable scene.

First the original clip aired, showing off the acting chops of a then 18-year-old Bateman.

“That is horrendous," the star said with (mostly) mock disgust. "Well, it was about 25 years ago. I’ve honed my craft a bit since then. I mean, if I go back into a time machine, I’d redo that scene. I’d redo it better. I wouldn’t need the cheesy effects.”

That’s when Fallon offered “The Change-Up” star a chance to change history.

Fallon donned a curly wig and assumed the part of the school admissions lady, originally played by late great character actress Kathleen Freeman. Bateman? As seen in the clip above, he channeled his inner wolf once again and brought big laughs.

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