Arnold Schwarzenegger uses tank to crush objects for charity

Arnold Schwarzenegger is back to terminating things, but instead of using his cyborg strength, the action star gets behind the controls of a tank for a new video titled "Will it Crush?"

Schwarzenegger says it's been his lifelong dream to possess a tank, and for over a minute we get to watch him run over stuff in the M47 Patton. He crushes a taxi cab, a piano, and a weight bench holding 501 pounds — "I'm going to crush my own record," the former Mr. Olympia says.

The 66-year-old runs over a table loaded with birthday cakes and then a roll of bubble wrap. He takes out a copy of the film "Million Dollar Baby" because "it makes me cry," he says, before laughing and adding, "I don't cry." Bet they're crying at Microsoft as the tank even rolls over a Zune.

"Will it Crush?" is clearly modeled after the popular "Will it Blend" video series, and even the running David Letterman bit, "Will it Float?"

There's a good cause behind the destruction as Schwarzenegger is inviting people to enter for a chance to win a ride along with him. Fly to Los Angeles with a friend, work out with Arnold, smoke cigars together and crush stuff, the Omaze website promises. Proceeds will benefit the After-School All-Stars program.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

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Jamie Mccarthy

Bodybuilder, actor, governor, Kennedy family member — Austrian-born Arnold Schwarzenegger has lived a varied and dramatic life.


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