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Another team challenge unites, then divides 'Runway' designers

Sep. 9, 2011 at 8:58 AM ET

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It's down to the final ten, and the good news is that there are still a lot of gifted, interesting designers left. The bad news is that there are also people like Josh M., who can occasionally design something great but are just so damn annoying you have a desire to wad up that great design and stuff it down their throats.   

Josh M. is SO mad he came in second in the avant-garde challenge. Shut up, Josh M. Yes, your design was great. But just be happy you were in the top three. No matter what you may think, you're not winning this thing.   

The designers will be divided into two teams of five. Really? Oh no, another team challenge? Why? WHY? There will be no team leaders, so each member picks someone. Anthony Ryan chooses a team member first. He picks Anya. Heidi picks Josh M. as the first team member for the second team. Kimberly says he's a bully, and Kimberly is 100 percent right. He picks Laura. Anya picks Viktor. Laura picks Kimberly. Kimberly is not thrilled to be on Josh M.'s team. Viktor picks Olivier. Kimberly picks Becky. Olivier picks Bryce. That leaves Bert. Heidi feels bad for Bert. Bert feels bad for Bert. Josh M. feels bad for Josh M. that he is now stuck with Bert. Has anyone noticed that Bert makes really, really good clothes? Anyone? Anya notes that a team with Josh M., Bert and Becky is a disaster waiting to happen. She's absolutely right.  

This is the HP and Intel challenge! Plug, plug, plug! Tim Gunn informs the designers that they will be designing a textile. Anthony Ryan is so excited he could throw up. Tim informs each team that they will be producing a full-fledged fashion show around the collection they create using the textile they design. That includes a video to serve as a backdrop and choosing music. Who brought their iPods? At least three looks must include the textile design, and it must be prominent in those looks.   

HP and Intel are inviting a special guest to give the designers advice. It's Betsey Johnson! I love some of her stuff, and some of it looks like a crayon box threw up in a laundromat. But I will say that she's nothing but pure fun. Laura likes to say she's Oscar de le Renta and Betsey Johnson's love child if they had a baby. Um, no. I do NOT accept that, Laura. You're more like the love child of Laura Ashley and some crappy boutique at the mall, sorry. Please do something with your "Real Housewives" hair. Thank you.

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