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Amy Winehouse threatens booing fans

Amy Winehouse returned to the stage in her first performance since her husband’s, Blake Fielder-Civil, arrest, delivering a debacle of a performance.

Winehouse took the stage in a silver top, short black skirt and her trademark beehive. She made it through three of her hits — “Back to Black,” “Tears Dry on Their Own” and “Rehab” — before the trouble started, according to a report by the BBC.

The singer slurred her words and wobbled around the stage during her set.

Though currently in a London prison awaiting trial on charges of witness tampering and assaulting a pub landlord, Winehouse’s husband was on her mind. She dedicated her song “Wake Up Alone” to him, saying, “This is for my husband.”

Winehouse, who has recently cancelled shows and appeared intoxicated on stage, saw no love from the crowd.

As concertgoers began to boo Amy and leave the venue, she lashed back at the disgruntled crowd.

“To them people booing, wait ‘til my husband gets out of incarceration. And I mean that,” the singer announced from the stage, according to reports.

During her final number, a cover of The Zutons’ “Valerie,” Amy stopped singing during the middle of the song, dropped the microphone and left the stage.

Winehouse’s spokesman told the BBC, the singer had a difficult day on Wednesday after visiting her husband in prison for the first time.

He added, it was Winehouse’s decision to go on, saying, she wanted to perform for the people who had paid to see her.

Winehouse’s opening act, Remi Nicole, has devised a plan for any future Amy performance debacles.

“I have learnt all the songs on the ‘Back to Black’ album so if she does need me to stand in, I can don a beehive and go ahead,” Remi told the BBC.

One fan at the concert told the BBC, “When [Winehouse] did sing she sounded phenomenal but she was not ready to be up on that stage. She was so weak, so vulnerable.”