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'America's Got Talent's' Sharon Osbourne shares topless tale

May 17, 2012 at 9:59 AM ET

Yes, the "America's Got Talent" contestants have been pretty loud and wacky thus far this season, but what about the judges? With Howie Mandel, newcomer Howard Stern and Sharon Osbourne behind the table, things are seeming quiet. Almost ... too quiet.

"Those were the first auditions that we did," Osbourne protested during a chat Thursday with TODAY's Savannah Guthrie, noting that Stern is just getting warmed up. "You're trying to be politically correct and trying to find your rhythm of the show, and he was just taking it all in. As the show progresses, you'll see more of the Howard that we know and love."

Osbourne knows about dealing with prickly, outspoken men: She worked with Simon Cowell on Britain's "The X Factor" for a few years, but says Stern and Cowell are "totally, totally different people. Simon has a real gut for what will work in music.... Howard is more to the extreme. He'll see something in a ventriloquist or a dog act and say, 'That's outrageous! I love that!'"

Osbourne left her own edginess at home for the morning interview, and came across as cheery and peaceful -- at least until she started talking about her prankster tendencies. She recalled going after former "AGT" judge Piers Morgan while they were on a flight one time.

"He was asleep on the plane, and he gets very grumpy," she said. So she had a few drinks and got "AGT" host Nick Cannon to prepare the camera; Osbourne then pulled out one of her breasts and rested it on the sleeping Morgan's shoulder. "Just as the flash went, it woke him up and he was like, 'What?' and I'm like, 'Morning!'"

Unlike some celebrities, Osbourne is hoping this particular photo does get leaked.

"I'd love for it to get out," she said with a smile. "No, I would! I'd be like 'Yes! That's my breast!'"

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