'Americans' star Keri Russell: Premiere will have steamy, 'incriminating' scenes

It's no secret that Keri Russell's hit FX show "The Americans" returns for a second season Wednesday night, but not many details have emerged. Leave it up to TODAY anchors Matt Lauer and Savannah Guthrie to get to the bottom of things with some special interrogation techniques when the actress stopped by the show Wednesday morning.

As Guthrie held up a desk lamp into the Golden Globe winner's face, Lauer declared, "You're a KGB spy! ... I need some intel here."

He got it. For one thing, Russell promised the show's already-steamy sex scenes were getting steamier. "There are some incriminating scenes tonight," she grinned.

She also spilled about her character, a Soviet spy fake-married to another Soviet spy (Matthew Rhys) in 1980s America, and who later fell for one another.

"We start this season, there's a much more unified front with the marriage, the marriage is very real now," she said. "If last season was sort of a metaphor on marriage and how complicated it is, I feel like this season is a metaphor for family, keeping outside forces out."

That said, it's not exactly a conventional marriage. Each of them has to cozy up to their "assets" to get what they need as spies. "You're always using your sexuality to get secrets or to get information," she said.

In the end, it was Russell who got something special from Lauer: a pin he received while covering the Olympics in Sochi. But it wasn't just any Olympics pin. It's one that fits Russell's character just right. The words? "KGB/Sochi 2014/Still Watching You."

The second season of "The Americans" premieres Wednesday night at 10 p.m. on FX.

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"The Americans" Season 2 Premiere - Arrivals
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