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Amanda Bynes calls hit-and-run stories 'fake'

May 29, 2012 at 8:40 PM ET

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Amanda Bynes, 26, was arrested on suspicion of drunken driving after allegedly hitting a sheriff's patrol car.

The last time Amanda Bynes was accused of a ding-and-dash, she said she didn't know anything had happened.

So, maybe she didn't know it this time, either?

Well, according to the actress herself, a TMZ report about her being accused of crashing into another car on an L.A. freeway last month and zooming off is a "fake story."

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Well, the story exists, but Bynes maintains that she was most certainly not involved in any such thing.

"I can't help but laugh at all of you writing fake stories about me. I was not in any hit and runs," Bynes tweeted Sunday. "I don't drink so the DUI is false."

That last bit apparently referred to her on-the-record run-in with the law.

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Bynes has not been charged yet, but she is due in court on June 6 in connection with her April 6 arrest on suspicion of driving under the influence.

Her father also said at the time that his daughter does not drink, but the incident ended up preceding two other vehicular mishaps.

On April 15 a number of witnesses saw her comically block traffic in West Hollywood while executing a three-point turn, and a collision report was filed earlier this month by a man who says she grazed his SUV with her car but didn't stop. (That's the incident Bynes said she was unaware of until authorities contacted her.)

As for her alleged freeway crash, TMZ reports that no action was ever taken because no independent witness could confirm what had happened.

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