7 wackiest moments from the MTV Movie Awards

April 15, 2013 at 12:16 PM ET

"The Avengers," Bradley Cooper, and Jamie Foxx were among the big winners at Sunday's MTV Movie Awards. But the show is more about moments than filling trophy cases. Here are seven moments that had us doing double-takes.

Bottomless contest

Seth Rogen, Danny McBride and and Zac Efron presented the award for "best shirtless perfoirmance" and decided to stage their own "bottomless" contest, with Rogen revealing a forest of fake hair and McBride displaying a giant chastity belt. Efron did pretty much nothin'.

Kevork Djansezian / Getty Images /
Seth Rogen, Zac Efron and Danny McBride presented the best shirtless performance award with a bottomless contest of their own.

Speaking of shirtless...

While Taylor Lautner won the award for best shirtless performance, he sure didn't look the part as he accepted the honor, hitting the stage in a fat suit. Don't worry fans, it's not real.

Danny Moloshok / Reuters /
Taylor Lautner spoofed his win of best shirtless performance by wearing a fat suit.

Will Ferrell gets a Kanye West moment

Will Ferrell accepted the comedic genius award in a money-printed suit and with a fake Chinese family. But he wasn't fully in control of the jokes. "Parks and Rec" star Aubrey Plaza tried to pull a Kanye West and yank Ferrell's trophy out of his hands. He seemed confused, she seemed out of it, and awkwardness ensued. MTV says the moment was unscripted and that Plaza was asked to leave the show after attempting the prank. She jokingly later thanked West on Twitter for the idea.

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Where was Jennifer?

Jennifer Lawrence shared the best kiss award with Bradley Cooper but wasn't there to accept it. She also won the best female performance award but since she wasn't there, the award wasn't handed out on the broadcast. A scheduling conflict reportedly kept the young star away.

Image: Singer Selena Gomez arrives at the 2013 MTV Movie Awards in Culver City
Phil Mccarten
These are not the Oscars: The cable channel honors movies and the stars -- including Selena Gomez -- in a much more lighthearted way.

Rebel gets risque

To no one's surprise, host Rebel Wilson pushed the envelope with her jokes, touting a stuffed koala named Chlamydia and pretending to give birth (to a doll) during a striptease.

Danny Moloshok / Reuters /
Rebel Wilson was a rebellious host indeed.

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Date my daughter

Jamie Foxx attended the awards with his lovely daughter Corinne Bisho, 19. When Foxx received the MTV Generation award, he mentioned repeatedly in his rambling speech that she is "gorgeous and single." Thanks, dad?

Jordan Strauss / AP /
Jamie Foxx, right, and his daughter Corinne Bishop at the awards.

Brad Pitt's hair

Pitt presented the award for best movie to "The Avengers," but appeared not to have combed his hair or washed before attending the awards.

Kevork Djansezian / Getty Images /
Brad Pitt wasn't his usual glamorous self while presenting the best movie award.