10 clicks: Whitney Houston, Monica Lewinsky and more

Feb. 17, 2012 at 5:33 PM ET

Hopefully you don't need a lot of coaching to get up to speed on the biggest story of the week -- the death of singer Whitney Houston on Saturday at age 48.

And while we'll send you in the right direction for the latest on Houston, we're also here to get you caught up on some of the other clickers you may have missed this week. It's all part of our continued effort to make you the smartest human at the dog park this weekend.

So let's get started with your 10 clicks toward greater entertainment enlightenment.

1.  At her peak, Whitney Houston was the golden girl of the music industry. With her majestic voice and regal image, she influenced a generation of younger singers. When she was found dead in a Beverly Hills hotel bathtub on Saturday, her career had long since been ravaged by drug use and erratic behavior. Stories this week examined many aspects of Houston's death. From Bill O'Reilly weighing in, to the controversy surrounding the flying of flags at half-staff in New Jersey, one click will take you to a tag stream loaded with stories and videos.

2. Around the time you were listening to Whitney Houston music, you were probably watching President Bill Clinton go through an impeachment trial. Clinton's White House affair with intern Monica Lewinsky is revisited in a PBS documentary called "Clinton" airing next week. The dream of the '90s was alive with this story.

3. In modern times, people are evidently listening to Adele -- in very large numbers -- and the Grammy Awards on Sunday acknowledged that fact by giving the British singer six trophies. "Thank you so much. This is ridiculous," Adele said upon accepting the record of the year Grammy.

4. Chris Brown picked up a Grammy on Sunday as well, but the lovefest was short-lived as the R&B star took to Twitter with all his usual grace and told the haters to "---- OFF!" By Wednesday #RIPChrisBrown was trending on Twitter and by Thursday he was having to deny reports that he had used "I promise not to beat you" as a pickup line.

5. Justin Bieber breaks young hearts all over the world just by re-styling his signature hairdo. This Valentine's week proved to be the perfect time for the teen pop star to reach out to a 6-year-old girl with cancer. Avalanna Routh, aka Mrs. Bieber, had the date of a lifetime with the Biebs and the two won the hearts of TODAY.com readers.

6. Better put down the go-go juice for this one. Followers of the reality show "Toddlers & Tiaras" got a treat this week when a few of the moms and little princesses stopped by Anderson Cooper's talk show. In a makeover show for the ages, Cooper gave the moms a taste of pageant life.

7. Stephen Colbert's late night antics only add to the joy of slogging through the election season. When the "Colbert Report" abruptly suspended production this week with no word as to why, fans were concerned. By Friday, reports started to point toward a possible family illness. We hope for the host's speedy return.

8. Let's offer a quick nod to the one sports story everyone seems to be talking about this week, Jeremy Lin, the upstart New York Knicks superstar. Rumors circulated that Kim Kardashian was looking for a date, and over on Twitter, Charlie Sheen added to the pun Lin-sanity by tweeting "LINNING" to his 6.6 million followers.

9."The Secret World of Arietty" appears to be the best bet in theaters this weekend, but talk of a classic comedy coming back to life proved clicky with readers this week. Dan Aykroyd says he and co-star Rick Moranis are actively working to bring "Ghostbusters 3" to theaters, but you know who they're not gonna call? Original star Bill Murray.

10. And finally this week, use your last click to check out the work of Joey Thompson, a 22-year-old YouTuber from South Carolina. He's not People mag's sexiest man alive, but then again, neither was the guy who he does a fine job of impersonating.

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