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Your St. Patrick's Day pets: Part 2

March 17, 2012 at 9:00 AM ET

Submitted by Lois York / UGC /
Sunshine Rainbow. Therapy horse extraordinaire!

Yesterday we posted some of our favorite photos submitted by users of their pets dressed up for the holiday. Thank you again for all your submissions. We wish we could post them all, but here are some the best. Erin go Bragh!

Submitted by Angela Williams / UGC /
Here Gus... let me fix your hat!
Submitted by Aletia White / UGC /
This is Lenny without his glasses.
Submitted by Bonnie Wayne / UGC /
Finny's waiting for his corned beef and cabbage!
Submitted by Francie Vitullo / UGC /
Preston and Ernie have a wee bit of fun for St. Patrick's Day!
Submitted by Joan Sweeney / UGC /
Irish kitty.
Submitted by Kelly Snyder / UGC /
An Irish golden doodle!
Submitted by Julie Siemsen / UGC /
Happy St. Patrick's Day from Cassidy!
Submitted by Monica Scott / UGC /
Gus' St. Patrick's Day card.
Submitted by Christine Sadowski / UGC /
O'Cooper, O'Gator (RIP) & O'Cody
Submitted by Diane Potter / UGC /
Submitted by Joan Pieroni / UGC /
Pugs Chopper and Tattoo enjoy some St. Patrick's Day sunshine!
Submitted by Tami Orrill / UGC /
Tia the lucky chihuahua.
Submitted by Laura Naso / UGC /
Max the mini schnauzer is hoping to get a little extra love on St. Patrick's Day!
Submitted by Katheryn Musselman / UGC /
Joey's Irish and can lick you any day!
Submitted by Kerri McMullen / UGC /
It's exhausting being an Irish model!
Submitted by Carrisa Matenaer / UGC /
Happy St. Patrick's Day from Sasha and Dorrie!
Submitted by Natalie Masura / UGC /
Kitkat celebrates.
Submitted by Bill Lopez / UGC /
Happy St. Patrick's Day from this Irish-Mexican chihuahua named Brutus.

More: multimedia producer Mish Whalen is looking forward to seeing all the dressed up pets, Irish dancers, floats and revelers at the St. Patrick's day parade in New York City.