You can lead a horse to Walmart (then leave him there)

Jan. 9, 2012 at 11:37 AM ET

Horse, 9, seeks loving home. Previous experience includes providing economical transportation for Amish owner. Will work for hay.

Amy Sancetta / AP /
Wally with Christian Courtwright of the Geauga County Humane Society's Rescue Village.

That might be the resume for a horse that Human Society officials have nicknamed Wally, because he turned up tied to the buggy rail outside a Walmart in Middlefield, Ohio. It seems that back in November, an Amish teenager steered Wally to the store, unhooked him from his buggy, tethered him to the rail, and never came back.

Kindly Walmart staff looked after the standardbred steed until police came for him. Now the local Humane Society is putting Wally up for adoption.

During "rumpsringa," some Amish teens engage in very un-Amish behavior before choosing whether to remain in their community, including driving motorized vehicles. Could Wally's owner have come down with a bout of rumspringa fever?

Or was it just a case of putting the mart before the horse?

Rick Schindler horsed around a bit during his own adolescence.