Walking on water: Insects put on a show

Oct. 10, 2012 at 2:09 PM ET

Nunu Rizani / Solent News /
An ant moves a child's marble on a table covered with morning dew.

When Indonesian photographer Nunu Rizani noticed a spider crawling along a wet glass tabletop, he was struck by the reflection beneath it, and felt that it was a moment to capture on camera. What resulted is a series of photographs of insects interacting with various objects on that same wet surface.

"I put a twig and marbles on the table glass, let them play and [then I was] ready to photograph their behavior," Rizani told in an email. 

According to Rizani, who has made a hobby of this type of macro photography, focusing on insects with a macro lens often leads to amazing images.  The behavior his tiny subjects have exhibited has sometimes been quite unique.

"Photographing small insects [requires] patience and luck to be able to produce a good picture," Rizani said.

Nunu Rizani / Solent News /
A spider leaves the marble left on the wet garden table and appears to be walking on water.
Nunu Rizani / Solent News /
A ladybug dangles on a leaf stem.
Nunu Rizani / Solent News /
A spider plays with a marble left on the table by Rizani.
Nunu Rizani / Solent News /
A snail hangs from a branch over morning dew collected on Rizani's table.