Sunny soaks up attention outside White House briefing room

We now know this much about presidential pup Sunny: She's anything but shy. 

After President Obama's interviews with journalists including Savannah Guthrie on Monday, the first dog joined reporters waiting outside the White House briefing room for a quick meet and greet. 

Sunny loved the attention, TODAY producer Libby Leist reported, and this was the first time the press corps had seen the White House's new animal addition out and about. 

"After finally meeting Sunny, it's safe to say the press corps is smitten," NBC White House correspondent Peter Alexander told in an email. 

Sunny even tried to push her way into the briefing room, Leist said, but her handler stopped her. 

Take a look at more photos from the rare meeting with the Obama family's newest pet:

JASON REED / Reuters
Sunny is petted by TODAY anchor Savannah Guthrie (left), TODAY producer Libby Leist, NBC News White House correspondent Peter Alexander, and NBC News producer Stacey Klein (right).
Alex Wong / Getty Images
April D. Ryan of American Urban Radio Networks pets Sunny as other members of the White House Press Crops look on outside the White House Press Room.
Alex Wong / Getty Images
Sunny joined the Obama family on August 19.
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