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See this cat raise the roof for no discernible reason

A cat named Keys has the Internet laughing ... and wondering what shady business she's up to.

After all, you don't just throw your hands in the air like that for no reason, do you? Besides, of course, the ever-popular reason of "just not caring"?

We think it's time for bed. #stretch #goalkitty

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We think there's something fishy going on here, and so, apparently, do the users of Imgur, the photo-sharing platform on which these hilarious pictures of Keys were first shared by a friend of her owner, Peter Mares.

Wake up and smell the flowers #goalkitty #keys #pawtytime

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They've been sharing theories about the cat's motives, ranging from the less likely ("He is summoning a spirit bomb!" and "She's just doing a sun salutation. Yoga cat") to the more probable ("He just wants a hug").

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Nothing like waking up with some #sunsalutations #goalkitty #pawsupintheair

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Mares told BuzzFeed that Keys started doing it one morning as a stretch, and after he grabbed his camera and gave her a treat, she came to associate the stretch with food. Since then, her sun-salutation-not-caring-summoning-a-spirit-bomb has been unstoppable.

#GOAAAALLLL #goalkitty #putyopawsup

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Well, whether this is a half-hearted attempt to start the wave, a one-lettered version of the "YMCA" theme song, or just a case of awkward arm syndrome, we hope Keys doesn't give up the shtick anytime soon.