Secret Service helps make way for ducklings at the White House

March 22, 2012 at 1:07 PM ET

Awwww, check out the two big guys packing heat gently helping little fluffy ducks.

President Obama, you better “duck” and cover! It looks like this single mother and her brood of nine will be occupying your lawn on 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue this spring.

While members of White House security could have wrestled the little flock to the ground, video cameras captured their softer side as they scrambled to assist the fuzzy hatchlings find their MIA mom, who’d made the big jump up and over the bottom fence barrier around the presidential grounds.

Hopefully taxpayers won’t receive a big “bill.” senior video producer Emily Christensen-Flowers has no shame in letting puns roll off her fingertips as she types, like water off a duck’s back.