Seals so good: Cute pups captivate at UK preserve

Nov. 30, 2011 at 6:44 AM ET

Tony Shadrach / Barcroft Media via Landov /
A grey seal pup on the beach at Donna Nook, Lincolnshire in the U.K. on Nov. 26,
Tony Shadrach / Barcroft Media via Landov /
Tony Shadrach / Barcroft Media via Landov /

Each year in November and December, thousands of common grey seals clamber onto the Donna Nook seal reserve beach from the shore to raise their young, until they are fit and fat enough to enter the sea for the first time. 

They are protected on this beach and it is accessible to the public, however visitors were urged to stay away on Nov. 29 after a tidal wave separated seal pups from their mothers.

UK semi-pro photographer, Tony Shadrach was one of the many spectators that turned up at Donna Nook in the U.K. to see the adorable pups.

“The seals are born here and live off the milk of their mothers, they are spread out across the beach – they look like grains of sand from a distance. Up close the young are very cute indeed, just like puppy dogs,” said Shadrach to Barcroft Media.

According to marine biologists, the seals are doing so well in the waters of Great Britain and Ireland that their population is increasing.