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San Diego panda cub diagnosed...with 'acute cuteness'

Feb. 1, 2013 at 9:24 AM ET

It's a very serious condition, wherein people who watch this video of doctors giving 6-month-old Xiao Liwu a check-up could give a "squeeee!" or even have to look away.

Because of the cuteness.

It took three pairs of lucky hands to measure Xiao Liwu, the zoo said, though we suspect two of the zoo workers merely volunteered. When the cub was born last July, the zoo set a record for having the most cubs born to a panda facility outside of China.

Xiao Liwu's other recent adorable antics have included rolling in mud and hay, and falling asleep on his face, to the delight of zoo visitors.

The cub's name means "Little Gift."

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