Tails of survival

Robotics club helps paralyzed feline walk with 'cat-traption'

Feb. 8, 2013 at 4:40 PM ET

Nine-month-old Flipper the kitten was born with a twisted spine that makes it impossible for him to stand up, let alone scurry around as cats are wont to do. But little Flipper’s life was changed forever by some unlikely suspects: Members of Conifer High School’s robotics club in Colorado, reports KDVR.com.

After some trial and error, the team built a special kitty chariot for the partially paralyzed cat, who’s putting the new contraption to good use (and ever-so-adorably bumping into a few walls along the way).

While Flipper's new ride may not be as flashy as this supercanine's "Batmobile," his story is just the latest example of human ingenuity making life a little easier for our physically challenged friends in the animal kingdom. There's Lucky the turtle, whose front legs were replaced by coasters; wheelchair dogs Chili and Arlo, who help human patients adjust to disabilities; Gamera, an African tortoise whose front left leg was replaced by a swiveling wheel, and even an experimental drug that researchers hope can help injured dogs avoid paralysis.

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