Norman the Scooter Dog officially sets Guinness World Record

It’s official: No canine in the world can keep up with Norman on a scooter.

Known as Norman the Scooter Dog, the 3-year-old the French sheepdog has officially been verified by Guinness World Records as the fastest dog on a scooter after traveling 100 feet in just over 20 seconds at a charity event in Marietta, Ga., on July 12. 

'Norman the Scooter Dog' accomplished his Guinness World Record feat at a charity event in Marietta, Ga., in July. ERIK S. LESSER / EPA
Norman the Scooter Dog accomplished his Guinness World Record feat at a charity event in Marietta, Ga., in July.

Owner Karen Cobb appeared with Norman Sunday on TODAY to talk about the feat. Cobb told the TODAY anchors she always knew that Norman was special. 

"He picked things up really quickly," Cobb said. 

It all started when Cobb was training Norman to be comfortable around everyday objects while he was still a puppy. That's when he got his paw on the scooter. 

"He loved it. He wouldn't get off," Cobb said.

Norman balances himself on the scooter with his two front paws on the handle and a back paw on the scooter, then uses his other hind paw to push himself forward. His record-setting ride was part of a charity event that benefited Road Trip Home, an organization that saves animals from high-kill shelters.

The record is the latest high-profile performance for Norman, who has also appeared on Cartoon Network and "The Late Show with David Letterman." The dog is also capable of riding a skateboard and a bike with training wheels. 

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