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Keeping a level head: Dog's balancing act goes viral

Jack, an Australian cattle dog from San Francisco, has drawn notice for being able to balance an array of household items on his head, whether it's cookies, a soup can, a soccer ball or books.

Whenever his owners decide to have some fun with him, Jack the Australian cattle dog knows how to keep a level head.

In a series of photos by owner Nicole Lee and her boyfriend, the 3-year-old dog can be seen balancing all types of items from their San Francisco home on his head, whether it’s cookies, a frying pan, a soccer ball or a soup can.

Owner Nicole Lee and her boyfriend shared Jack's rare talent with a series of photos they posted on Reddit.

Jack’s rare talent was revealed to the public when Lee and her boyfriend, Trey, posted the photos on Reddit, asking users to submit their requests for what to balance on his head next.

The couple adopted Jack when he was a puppy and soon learned the dog was patient enough to let them stack anything on his head without making any sudden movements or dropping anything. They reward him with treats after each of his balancing acts.

Owner Nicole Lee and her boyfriend, Trey, reward Jack with treats for each of his balancing acts.
Jack, who is three years old, was adopted as a puppy and quickly showed his owners his ability to balance household items like this beer bottle.
Jack balances a set of books.
You can put an egg on Jack's head and not have to worry about it falling and cracking.