Jimmy Fallon's puppy predictor picks Super Bowl winner!

Feb. 3, 2012 at 9:42 AM ET

Jimmy Fallon interviews the winning New England Patriots puppy on "Late Night."

Jimmy Fallon's puppy prediction contest has picked a winner: The pooch in the New England Patriots jersey! His name is Bruce Mackabee. And you thought Tom Brady was cute; look at that face!

The contest kicked off with 32 puppies, each representing a different NFL team. The pups raced to a food bowl and as the field narrowed, this fluffy little cutie emerged victorious. Jimmy interviewed Bruce, but he stayed mum. Awkward. Watch below:

As for Brooklyn, N.Y.-born Fallon himself, when Ann Curry and Al Roker asked who he's rooting for on TODAY Friday live from Indianapolis, the "Late Night" host was diplomatic. Since he'll interview the MVP of Sunday's game, whoever that winds up being, on his show, he said, "I'm rooting for the MVP." Wow. He could have a side career in politics if this beloved-and-awesome-talk-show gig doesn't work out for him. 

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