Jellyfish to hummingbirds: Google Doodle celebrates Earth Day with animals

Hummingbird Google

Google is celebrating Earth Day with a menagerie of six of the planet’s most adorably odd creatures.

One of the animated Google Doodles depicts the Rufous Hummingbird, a tiny bird (a little more than 3 inches long) with a large appetite for travel. They have been known to migrate from Alaska down to Mexico and can be spotted far away from their regular West Coast home, occasionally as far east as Florida.

Snow monkeys Google

Click the next button and you might get a pair of Japanese macaques, probably most famous for playing in the snow and straight-chilling in hot tubs.

Pufferfish Google

There is also a pufferfish, which are cute when they fill their elastic stomachs with lots of water to scare away predators, and less cute when they are eaten, due to the fact that they are extremely poisonous. Still, some are served as fugu in Japan, prepared only by licensed, professional chefs who know how to avoid the fish’s toxic tetrodotoxin.

Dung beetle Google

No, dung beetle is not a misnomer. These insects roll dung into balls and lay their eggs inside. When the eggs hatch, the larvae get to chow down. Delicious.

Veiled Chameleon Google

The veiled chameleon is native to Yemen, the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia, but these popular pets can be found all over the world. Seriously, these things are adorable, especially as babies.

Moon jellyfish Google

Finally, we have the moon jellyfish, which, despite what you might hope, do not live on the moon. Instead, these prodigious breeders live pretty much everywhere, propelling themselves through all of the world’s oceans and making your trip to the beach a little more awkward. They are so numerous that they actually shut down a nuclear reactor in Sweden last year by clogging its pipes. 

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