Inseparable doggie duo: Blind golden retriever and nervous mutt bond

May 2, 2012 at 5:49 PM ET

Woodland West Animal Hospital /
Tanner and Blair are now inseparable as each helps the other get through the day.

Blind and epileptic, a 2-year-old golden retriever named Tanner had gone through two owners and was suffering from awful nightly seizures when he landed at Woodland West Animal Hospital in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Blair, a frightened mixed-breed dog living on the street, ended up at the same hospital after being shot.

Staff had determined that euthanization might be the kindest choice for poor Tanner, and Blair’s adoption prospects were uncertain as she was so skittish and fearful. But then, something wonderful happened. The pair was taken out into the play yard together and they immediately became the best of friends. The bond has proven to be an incredible healing tool.

Woodland West Animal Hospital /
Tanner's suffering has decreased since he started spending time with Blair.
Woodland West Animal Hospital /
From the streets: Blair's fate was uncertain after she was shot.

Blair’s nervousness decreased the more time she spent with Tanner and Tanner benefited as well — calmed by Blair’s presence, he stopped having seizures.

Video: Tanner and Blair's story

Now, the doggie duo is inseparable, staying in the same pen at the clinic. Blair even leads her blind friend around by a leash!

Woodland West Animal Hospital /
This dynamic duo is still looking for the perfect home .

But this happy tale isn’t quite over. Woodland West isn’t the last stop for Tanner and Blair; the hospital is searching for the perfect forever home to take the pair.

“This is a relationship that's going to be ten plus years, hopefully," hospital director Dr. Mike Jones told People Pets. "We're looking for that needle-in-a-haystack type owner that will be able to handle the situation."

Woodland West Animal Hospital /
Leading each other: Blair has become less fearful since spending time with Tanner while the golden retriever has stopped having seizures.

If you think you could provide the right home for these furry friends, contact Woodland West Animal Hospital.