Here, kitty... yikes! House cat faces off with mountain lion

Oct. 19, 2011 at 11:57 AM ET


It was a feline stare-down in Boulder, Colo., when a mountain lion and an 11-year-old house cat came face to face.

Gail Loveman tells 9News that she was sitting at her desk when she heard rustling from the adjoining room. Turned out it was her cat, Zeus, eying a teenage mountain lion that was on her deck, looking through the sliding glass door.

"Luckily my camera was sitting here and I grabbed it and started taking pictures," she told 9News.

The mountain lion tried to paw the cat, and at one point offered up a kiss, Loveman said.

In fact, there were several more mountain lions in Loveman's backyard, including the deck visitor's mother, who stayed away and let her baby play with Zeus through the window.