Hello, world! Baby squirrels venture out of burrow

Jan. 31, 2012 at 2:47 PM ET

This little was photographed standing completely upright shortly after being let out of his burrow for the first time.

Eirini Pajak / Solent News /

Its siblings checked for the all-clear before exiting the hole.

Eirini Pajak / Solent News /

As soon as their mother was out of sight, the baby squirrels started a playful tussle.

Eirini Pajak / Solent News /
Eirini Pajak / Solent News /

Photographer Eirini Pajak took these adorable shots close to his home in Florence, Ariz.

Eirini Pajak/Solent News /

According to Solent News, Pajak knew it was the little squirrels' first outdoor adventure because he had been watching that particular hole on a regular basis. He shot everything from his car after spending a lot of time parked nearby so the squirrels would get used to him.