Great Scot! Panda pair arrive at Edinburgh Zoo

Dec. 2, 2011 at 11:29 AM ET

Rob McDougall via Getty Images /
Panda bear Yang Guang settles into his new home at Edinburgh Zoo on Dec. 4.
Rob McDougall via Getty Images /
Rob McDougall via Getty Images /

A pair of giant pandas have been moved from China to the Edinburgh Zoo in Scotland. The 8-year-olds will be Britain’s first pair of breeding pandas in 17 years.

The panda’s keepers say "Sunshine" and "Sweetie" will easily adapt to the cold, wet weather of Scotland.

Jeff J. Mitchell / Getty Images /
Chinese Panda Tian Tian arrives at Edinburgh Airport on Dec. 4, in Scotland.

The pair are on loan to the zoo for 10 years. Zookeepers are hoping to witness the first panda birth in Scotland during their extended visit.