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Goofy new Internet meme asks, 'Is this a Chihuahua or muffin?'

Sure, it seems easy to tell the difference between a chihuahua and a muffin, but it's Friday, your eyes are glazing over from a long week — and wait, suddenly that blueberry really does look like an doggy eyeball!

In her latest ingenious creation of dogs resembling food, Internet meme-maker Karen Zack shows that with a quick glance, muffins and chihuahuas look more alike than you think.

Zack is also the creator of other fun visuals that may have you looking at your Labradoodle like a crispy four-piece fried chicken dinner or realizing how much your curled-up puppy resembles your breakfast bagel.

When you get done drooling while thinking of food, you can always use your sheepdog to clean up.

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