Firefighter revives tiny Chihuahua using oxygen mask meant for babies

Jan. 9, 2012 at 5:07 PM ET

Monica Zech/Heartland Fire and R /
Heartland Fire & Recue firefighter Travis Timmins took the lifeless dog and placed a pediatric-size oxygen mask over its tiny face and mouth and proceeded to give it oxygen for more than 10 minutes.

One lucky woman "got her Mojo back" when firefighters were able to resuscitate her tiny Chihuahua.

The drama unfolded at a mobile home park in El Cajon, California on Jan. 4 after the elderly owner escaped the fire in her trailer unharmed, but her dog Mojo remained inside. According to Monica Zech, El Cajon's public information officer, who alerted us to the story, firefighter/paramedic Brendan Saffer found the dog unconscious and near death. Once outside, firefighter/paramedic Travis Timmins, utilizing a pediatric oxygen mask, gave it oxygen for more than 10 agonizing minutes.

"After 10 minutes the dog suddenly started breathing on her own, and upon hearing the owner's voice calling its name the dog started moving even more," Zech said. "The dog was handed to its owner and she became overwhelmed since she thought her dog could not be saved and had died." 

Monica Zech/Heartland Fire and R /
Dog and owner, reunited.

The dog was transported to a medical center where it was treated for smoke inhalation but is expected to make a full recovery. The home was a total loss. The cause of the fire is under investigation, but is thought to be electrical.  

"It's was a miracle such a tiny dog, with tiny lungs could have survived," Zech said, "but Travis would not give up trying to revive her." supervising producer Susan Houriet has a secret soft-spot for Chihuahuas and hopes to adopt one — or a dozen —someday.


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