Double trouble: Meet doggie doppelgangers, vote for your fave

They say that pet owners and theirs dogs tend to look alike, so last month, TODAY asked for photos of you and your doggie doppelganger together — and your submissions seem to be proving the old adage true. 

Take a look at our favorite five duos, who made an appearance on TODAY Thursday morning. 

Cathy Brule (North Attleboro, Mass.)
Dog: Mabel
Breed: Mini labradoodle

Cathy Brule Cathy Brule

Teresa Lee (Houston, Tex.)
Dog: Mok Yee
Breed: Labradoodle

Teresa Lee Teresa Lee

Jim Phelan (Benicia, Calif.)
Dog: Jack
Breed: Miniature schnauzer

Jim Phelan and dog Jim Phelan

Patricia Connell (Las Vegas, Nev.)
Dog: 11-year-old Boo
Breed: Yorkshire terrier

Patricia Connell and dog Patricia Connell

Austin Newcomb (Elkhart, Ind.)
Dog: 4-year-old Tucker 
Breed: Toy poodle

Samantha Wasnich Samantha Wasnich

And since there were so many we loved, take a look at seven more pets and owners who have an uncanny resemblance.

Linda Cohen (Franklin, Mich.)
Dog: 9-year-old Mali
Breed: Standard poodle

Linda Cohen Linda Cohen

Gregory Meyers (Rehoboth Beach, Del.)
Dog: 5-year-old
 Bearded collie

Gregory Meyers Gregory Meyers

Alexis Wood (Durango, Colo.)
Dog: Auldy 
Breed: Yellow lab

Lesley Wood Lesley Wood

Christopher Gabriel (Burke, Va.)
Dog: 1-year-old Zeke
Breed: Bullmastiff, bull terrier, chow chow and Catahoula leopard dog mix 

Christopher Gabriel Christopher Gabriel

Sue Levine (Voorhees, N.J.)
Dog: Lucy
Breed: Maltese

Sue Levine Sue Levine

Rachel and Jamie Lipson (Rockville, Md.)
Dog: Rocky
Breed: Cavapoo

Amy Lipson Amy Lipson

Donald Richards (Clermont, Fla.)
Dog: Chalupa 
Breed: Chawinnie (Chihuahua and dachshund mix)

Kim Mastroianni Kim Mastroianni
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