Don't mind me! Snail plays very slow game of leapfrog

Slow and steady may be a winning strategy after all: When this snail couldn’t crawl around a sleeping tree frog, it spent 8 minutes stealthily sneaking over the green amphibian.

Photographer Lessy Sabastian of Jakarta, Indonesia, captured the extremely slow game of leapfrog, which played out in his front garden.

"When I went outside I noticed one of the frogs was sleeping on a branch above the pond and a snail was moving very slowly nearby,” he told Solent News. "I couldn't believe it when the snail started to climb up onto the frog, and it was more surprising when the frog stayed still."

Several green tree frogs live in a pond underneath the branch and enjoy an occasional snooze in the shade above, according to the father-of-two. Sebastian thinks the final photos give the pair a bit of personality.

"It looks like the snail and frog are good friends and everyone that has seen them loves the photographs," he said.

Check out the final (slimy) steps of this snail's journey below:

Lessy Sebastian / Solent News
Eight minutes later, the snail finally makes its way to the other side.

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