Dogs rule the office: 16 Take Your Dog to Work Day photos

June 25, 2012 at 1:27 PM ET

Submitted by Jayna Wallace / UGC /
Sparky (our dog cousin) is visiting just for Take Your Dog to Work Day.

Last Friday was Take Your Dog to Work Day, and many of you took your furry friends with you to your workplaces. We showed you a few of the photos you sent in on Friday, but we received even more over the weekend!

Check out these photos of your dogs at the office. Did you take your canine companion to work? Let us know how it went in the comments!

Submitted by Allyson Thiac / UGC /
"Mom, you are doing a great job with that report!"
Submitted by John Kelch / UGC /
Miss Zoe, ready for work!
Submitted by Chanda Leary / UGC /
At WellPet, more than 30 dogs came to the office on Take Your Dog to Work Day, where they were treated to professional doggy portraits, a mobile grooming station, and games to benefit the local Humane Society. And, of course, they got free treats!
Guide dog Carson is "working" on some filing at Southeastern Guide Dogs.
Submitted by Amber Gregory / UGC /
Scrappy hates paperwork...
Melody Bailey /
Gator and I in front of the sign at Habitat. He has been coming to work with me since he was a small puppy, when he would sleep on the front counter.
Submitted by Olivia Tomlin / UGC /
"What do you mean Facebook dropped another point?"
Submitted by Katie Wilkes / UGC /
Ferguson went to work with his mama in Chicago! No day is complete without a monkey toy to lay a brain hard at work upon.
Submitted by Samantha von Doersten / UGC /
Working hard or hardly working? Zoe sits on a comfortable blanket and watches her mama type away.
Submitted by Lynn Peters / UGC /
Tucker cleaning out the gutters.
Submitted by Cate Philbin / UGC /
Minnie hard at work: Can dachshunds learn how to do a PowerPoint deck? Still trying to figure out if her hours are billable...
Submitted by Heather Brown / UGC /
"Come in Bodhi. Please, have a seat ON my desk..."
Submitted by James Strange III / UGC /
Lola hard at work!
Submitted by Amber Lube / UGC /
Hanging out by the front desk, greeting all that come in!
Submitted by Tania Gill / UGC /
"Just updating my Facebook status....did you need to sit here?"


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