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#DogDaysOfSummer: These pups and their owners offer all the cuteness you can handle

July 28, 2014 at 11:33 AM ET

When Rebecca Ehalt's reunion with her schnauzer took the Web by storm, people couldn't get enough of her pup, who was so excited at a long-delayed reunion with her that he fainted from joy. 

Video: After two years apart, a dog finally reunited with his owner, only to pass out from the overwhelming joy. Carson Daly reports from the Orange Room.

Ehalt's adorable video got us wondering: What are your cute pooches up to as we head into the dog days of summer? Show us on Facebook and Twitter using #DogDaysOfSummer.

Here are some of our favorites so far:

Facebook via Donna Frutiger
Facebook via Anneka McFarland
Ashley Mijeski